GOOD VS BAD Sister - If I Had a TWIN | Relatable Funny Family Situations by La La Life School

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It's so nice when you fall in LOVE💗 with someone at school for the first time😍 But what if your twin gets involved in your relationship with your CRUSH?🙄😑 Will she help or hinder you? Rather watch our new FUNNY video and find out!😋

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00:00 CRUSH
00:37 Twin
01:09 Loser
01:48 New look
02:30 Cool GIRL
03:47 Date
04:36 Awkward situation
05:28 Wanna go to the PARTY
06:08 Let`s dance
06:45 School
07:35 Trick
08:24 MOM
08:43 Popularity
09:40 Snacks
10:11 Pool

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