Don’t Lose Ur Head (Dream SMP Animatic)

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Ima pretend like I didn’t leave for 4 months 🤥

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Clip studio
Video Star

Time Taken:
About 2 weeks

Over 200 🥲

Song: Don’t Lose ur Head (SIX the Musical)


Grew up in Dream SMP
Oui, oui bonjour
Life was a chore so (he set sail)
August 2020, came straight to L'Manberg
All the European dudes lame (epic fail)
(Ooh) I wanna dance and sing
(Politics) not my thing
(Ooh) but then I met Jschlatt
And soon my chat said,
"You should try to get ahead"
He wanted me, (hah) obviously
Kept messaging me like everyday
Couldn't be better then he sent me a letter
And who am I kidding I was prêt à manger
(Ooh) sent a reply
(Ooh) just sayin', "Hi"
(Ooh) you're a nice guy
"I'll think about it maybe XO, baby"
(Uh oh) here we go
(You sent him kisses?)
I didn't know I would move in with his missus
(What?) get a life
(You're living with his Vice?)
Like, what was I meant to do?
Sorry, not sorry bout' what I said
I'm just tryna' have some fun
Don't worry, don't worry
Don’t lose your head
I didn’t mean to hurt anyone
Say 'Oh, well!’
Or go to hell!
I'm sorry, not sorry 'bout what I said
Don't lose your head
Three in the bed
And the little one said
"If you wanna be wed
Make up your mind!"
Him or me, chum
Don’t wanna be some boy in a threesome
Are you blind?
Don't be bitter
'Cause I'm fitter
Why hasn't it hit him?
They aren't gonna choose you,
Somebody hang you!
Uh oh
Here we go
Your comment went viral!
I didn't really mean it but rumors spiral
Wow Big Q,
way to make the country hate you!
Mate, what was I meant to do?
Sorry, not sorry bout' what I said
I'm just tryna' have some fun
Don't worry, don't worry, don't lose your head
I didn't mean to hurt anyone
Say 'Oh, well!'
Or go to hell!
I'm sorry, not sorry 'bout what I said
Don't lose your head
Tried to elope
But the Pope said 'Nope!'
Our only hope was Jschlatt
He got a promotion
Caused a commotion
Set in motion Church Prime
The rules
Were so outdated
Us two wanted to get X-rated
Everybody chill
It's totes God's will ;)
Jschlatt's out every night on the town
Just sleeping around like
"What the hell?"
If that's how it's gonna be
Maybe I'll flirt with a guy or three
Just to make him jel
Jschlatt finds out and he goes mental
He screams and shouts like
So judgemental!
You damned witch!
Mate, just shut up!
I wouldn't be such a b****
If you could get it up
Uh oh
Here we go
Is that what you said?
And now he's going 'round like
"Off with his head!"
Yeah, I'm pretty sure he means it
(Seems it)
What was I meant to do?
(What was he meant to do?)
Like, what was I meant to do?
(What was he meant to do?)
No, but what was I meant to do?
Sorry, not sorry bout' what I said
I'm just tryna' have some fun
Don't worry, don't worry, don't lose your head
I didn't mean to hurt anyone
Say 'Oh, well!'
Or go to hell!
Just go to hell!
Sorry, not sorry about what I said
Sorry, not sorry about what he said
Sorry, not sorry about what I said!
Don't lose your head :]




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