Chill Drive - Lofi hip hop mix ~ Stress Relief, Relaxing Music

Chill Drive - Lofi hip hop mix ~ Stress Relief, Relaxing Music
→ stress relief, relaxing music, deep sleeping music
→ beats to relax/study to

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I hope you enjoy this ambience as much as I enjoyed creating it.
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🎧 Tracklist:
00:00 charlie toØ human - Walk in the Park

02:16 Elijah Lee, aimless - Explorers

04:08 brillion., Tom Doolie, Monma - Aurora (⇢ Lofi Girl)

07:05 Hazy Year, C4C - Melted (⇢ Chillhop Music)

09:49 mell-ø, Trxxshed - Solitude

11:38 SNUG, Mondo Loops - Night Coffee

14:12 Purrple Cat - Reflection (⇢ Lofi Girl)

17:24 Purrple Cat - After the Rain (⇢ Lofi Girl)

19:32 Mondo Loops, Quist, Jhove - Over the Mountains (⇢ College Music)

20:03 mell-ø, Ambulo - Afloat Again

24:02 Laffey - Home

26:50 Kanisan, frad - Fireflies (⇢ Lofi Girl)

28:53 Kainbeats x Kanisan Moonwalker

31:16 Kainbeats -Outcast Kainbeats

33:23 HM Surf - Its Chronic (⇢ Lofi Girl)

35:27 HEVI, Refeeld - Sleepwalkers

37:45 hevi x Kainbeats Wishing Waiting

39:32 ENRA, Sleepermane - Now & Then

41:56 Dontcry, Nokiaa - Decay

44:19 brillion., HM Surf - Kiptime

46:41 Blumen, Hoogway - Control The Sky

49:35 brillion., TyLuv. - Journey

52:20 cocabona - You

► Music by:
• Elijah Lee »
• aimless »
• Hazy Year »
• C4C »
• mell-ø »
• Trxxshed »
• SNUG »
• Mondo Loops »
• Purrple Cat »
• Mondo Loops »
• Quist »
• Laffey »
• Kanisan »
• Frad »
• Kainbeats »
• HM Surf »
• Hevi »
• Refeeld »
• ENRA »
• sleepermane »
• dontcry »
• nokiaa »
• Blumen »
• Hoogway »
• Blue Wednesday »
• Dillan Witherow »
• Cocabona »

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  • good mix but this is literally the same shorter playlist looped 3 times

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  • I hope everyone who are listening to this is in good health. I love you. We might not be close to each other but atleast we are still on the same Earth, staring at the same stars, waking up to the same sun. *Sending virtual hugs*

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  • Ever since i listened to lofi ,ive been growing as a person ...thinking about all my regrets and trying my best to accept them. Lofi is really changing my life. I don`t need to depend on anyone anymore to give me a good smerk ...i just look up the sky and thank God for another day.

    Cozy BCozy BΠριν 16 ώρες
    • This makes me so so so happy you can't even imagine 💜💜💜 You're so deserving of it all and I'm so proud of you.

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  • You got this keep clam and keep moving forward with the powers from above. This Playlist is on point for relaxing and gathering. When you come out with a workout instrumental. I'm feeling it gonna be successful like this one.

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  • Lofi Night Shift Relaxation Music:

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