Help! Oh Well... (Take 2: Official Music Video)


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Director/Editor/Songwriter/ Music Producer-
Adam Ortiz aka SomeThingElseYT

Audio Engineer/ mixer/ really awesome dude check him out-
Quinlan Patrick Stuwe -

Animation Producer-
Deanna Helm - DeeRedHelm

Art Director-
KC McCarley - ottlermac

KC McCarley @ OttlerMac
VTAnimation - VTAnimation
TopSpinTheFuzzy- TopSpinTheFuzzy
Mike Maynard - SkullPirateMike

Assistant Animators-
Marcos Bango -
Deanna Helm @ DeeRedHelm

Background Artists-
Sam Miller - probfakeblonde
Jane Walker -
Ethan Yazel - EthanBurnsides

Animation Compositor-
Sara 'Serval' Fisher - ServalSketch

-Lyrics written by Adam Ortiz aka SomeThingElseYT-

Oh, well
Everybody going up, but I'm going to hell
I don't even give a f**k what I'm doing, who cares
I be thinking that I'm nuts, but who isn't?
I stare, I stare screaming
Oh, well
Everybody going up, but I'm going to hell
I don't even give a f**k what I'm doing, who cares
I be thinking that I'm nuts, but who isn't?
I stare, I stare screaming

It started on a Sunday, and I was just doing nothing but partying it up with some people I knew enough, um
I'm just looking at things
The sweaty bodies go on scheming
They be praising me, I'm dreaming
'Cause I made it, now I'm something, at least
I think I am? That's what they say I am? Not playing, man
I'm just doing everything that I f**king can
I don't even know what's just going on but they thinking
Looking at me like I am money
Shut up
And now they speaking
Fake, so I'll be
Drinking it up and then some
Hinting I'm done, they nincom-
Poops who keep talking, I'm hostage
"But sponsors?"
Paid my ransom
I'm just an artist astonished by all the offers that coming
But if I'm honest, now harder to start a fucking convo
Am I having fun? Yes, but, damn, I'm also not
Jeez, people going on and thinking that fames nothing but ducking problems
Assuming some wealth, but they summon dozens of crummy demons
They done and gon' f**k themselves as they come up screaming

Oh, well
Everybody going up, but I'm going to hell
I don't even give a f**k what I'm doing, who cares
I be thinking that I'm nuts, but who isn't?
I stare, I stare screaming
Oh, well
Everybody going up, but I'm going to hell
I don't even give a f**k what I'm doing, who cares
I be thinking that I'm nuts, but who isn't?
I stare, I stare screaming

"Friends are coming someday", I said
Fame hits
Gained some, dummy I am, lost them
Oh, s**t
All alone I ponder, wonder if I'm ever gonna find some
Never thought it could get harder, happens when your evil
"Hello, can I be your friend-O?"
"Adam, you're great, you f**king make me want to explode!"
"Hey, since I got you, shout me out and then help me grow"
"Wait, what the f**k did you just tell me f**king heck no? B**ch, go!"
"Hello, can I be your friend-O?"
Everybody looking at me making this joke
I'm getting sick of it, I think I'm going mental
Can't even make some friends who sinking in the same boat
Ah, no! HELP!

Angry, mad at the world!
I'm freaking
I know it's absurd, but these are the things that keeping me up
My demons
I'm pushing most people away
Despiting the fact that some grate
Just used to an industry of manipulate
Every time, I'm doing it often
Then often find myself huffing and puffing, I'm fussing
My eyes are blinking
Pretty immature
Need to try out something different
I'm missing when things were simple, but hear me listen
I'll never stop pursuing what I f**king love, I'm doing everything I can
I'm making sure I rise above, but sometimes I feel like it's often going off the wall
But, huh
I'm just a youngin, built this stuff alone
Edge double sword, I think I'm holding screaming

Oh, well
Everybody going up, but I'm going to hell
I don't even give a f*k what I'm doing, who cares
I be thinking that I'm nuts, but who isn't?
I stare, I stare screaming
Oh, well
Everybody going up, but I'm going to hell
I don't even give a f*k what I'm doing, who cares
I be thinking that I'm nuts, but who isn't?
I stare, I stare screaming

Oh I need help!
Oh I need! I need! I need!




  • I see a lot of you putting blame on yourself, stating that "Adam's fans are overwhelming him" or "Adam doesn't like his fans". I want to say, no, this is not in the slightest what the song is about. You guys are the only reason I am able to continuously make the content I want to make because you are doing something no one is asking you do and that's, watching and enjoying. You all are awesome and I appreciate the crap out of you. "Fans bad" isn't something that crosses my mind with my audience. Love you all!

    SomeThingElseYTSomeThingElseYTΠριν χρόνο
    • I love your songs

      Crystal FloresCrystal FloresΠριν 9 ημέρες
    • I just love your song so much in your drawing

      Crystal FloresCrystal FloresΠριν 9 ημέρες
    • You are a cool dude Adam it's a good song keep it up :)

      Briggs StJacquesBriggs StJacquesΠριν 4 μήνες
    • I hope your doin ok. Comments probably don’t help a lot but your fans care about you and your mental health just as much :)

      Von GacyVon GacyΠριν 4 μήνες
    • I think the song is about like all the negativity that the fans put and I really like the song I also like I’m something else that was a good song that also sound like it’s about fan negativity. Ps. You one of the best GRhomers and you make my day happy 😄😁

      Flareon 94Flareon 94Πριν 5 μήνες
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  • Seems a mix of people who are asking too much or for adam to do this and that and it is overwhelming him. Seems like a case of anxiety/depression because there is some people who are asking really mean questions and too personal questions and questions he dosn't know how to awnser. It overwhelms him but he has to put on a happy face every day because they are nice people who are just not educated. Hes trapped in this and cant just quit (even though he can) Fame is overwhelming and having to manage it allong with adverts,sponsors,merch is horrible for meantal heath. So thats why he is weiting the warning on the computer in the

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  • Don't make yourself feel trapped when you have your family and friends for help and advice for things if your overwhelmed have a holiday it will ease your nerves I feel the same with you if you need to talk contact me

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  • If you notice that at the start and end, he’s wearing only one layer of clothes, but when he’s outside he wears a coat. This represents that he has put an act on just to be “normal” around his fans and his “friends”. He can’t really take all the attention, there’s so much pressure telling him to shout them out or give them a follow, and when he just refuses kindly, they yell at him and hate him. He just can’t handle it anymore. Leave him alone.

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  • When an animator is 10000k times better than a real musician.

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  • Ok people listen.... Read the first comment. Pinned by himself. He explains everything. No need to explain more. It may or may not stress him out but I know I would be if some people didn't read the first and pinned comment.

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  • I feel what this song is about. Well I think. A example of what I think of it, is that people can't just get parts of you to put them see like the good guy. They have to bond to you, and even then he or she still has to ASK if they can collab with you. My friend thinks that. He's so self-centered and I can't get away from it. I just want to show him this music video and change it. :) I can relate to this song. Well this comment is already getting long enough. Bye.

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    • well I hope you do show it to him

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